Do you ever wonder why your organization isn’t achieving its goals and dreams?

Does your team seem like it’s not firing on all cylinders?

Are you sick of constantly dealing with staff turnover?

It’s time for a change of kinetic proportions!

Here’s where it all boils down: everything comes back to your team!

Your leadership impact will only be as good as your team. Your organization will only be as effective as your team. Your strategy will only be as powerful as your team. Your team will set the tone for all of your organization's impact.

This is where we have a critical problem: the vast majority of our business-related training and conversations focus on strategy instead of synergy, on vision instead of collaboration and on programming instead of people.

The reality is that we have organizations and business filled with amazing and gifted leaders who can clearly articulate strategy and vision while simultaneously failing at building teams and leading people.

After years of leading in non-profit contexts as well as operating a teams-based consulting firm, I feel the calling to launch Kinetic Teams – the resource for everything teams. Whether you lead in a large or small, profit or non-profit organization, Kinetic Teams will provide you with relevant, up-to-date, and highly practical resources to lead your team at the next level.

Why Kinetic?

Simply put, kinetic energy is a process. It happens when stored energy (known as potential) energy becomes unstuck and is thrust into motion.

This imagery truly captivated the hearts and minds of our firm's leaders. We believe most corporate or non-profit teams have exactly the right amount of talent and intellect to lead their contexts to achieve extraordinary results. The only issue is that a majority of teams find themselves stuck or held back (kind of like potential energy).

The goal of Kinetic Teams is to provide you with the right tools, strategies, tips and insights needed to take your team’s potential and thrust it into motion (become kinetic).

Our philosophy is simple: Better Team, Better Tribe, Better World. We believe the best way to empower your organization's impact is by equipping your team. Period.

What to Expect

Kinetic Teams will produce free weekly content that is both highly valuable and applicable for your unique setting. The tips, tools, and principles we share will solely focus on everything teamwork including team building, communication, performance, culture, trust, problem-solving and more.

We Want to Be on Your Team!

We’re excited to see your team go to the next level! In order to better serve you, we’re asking that you do three things:

  • Subscribe to our email list. Save time by allowing us to deliver fresh content and news directly to you. Our promise is that these emails will be easy to read, hassle free and easy to unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive them.

  • Give Us Your Feedback. Your voice is valuable. Seriously, we want to know what’s on your heart and mind. There are a couple of ways you can share your thoughts, insights or even requests. You can simply leave a comment below any blog post entry or email us directly –

Lead well friends!

Join the conversation

  • What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a team leader?

  • What specific team-related topics or issues would you find beneficial for us to address?

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