Fuel Your Team for Success

How well is your team performing?

The key for long-term success and productivity for your team is proper nourishment. Like a well-oiled machine, our teams need the right fuel in order to put out maximum performance. Sadly, many team leaders neglect their teams by expecting everyone to operate independently within their own silos or departments. Expecting your team-members to be competent is one thing. Assuming everything is hunky dory is another.

One of the main reasons teams collapse is from malnourishment. The primary responsibility of a team leader is to look after the health and performance of his or her team. Team leaders must properly and continually fuel their teams.

When fueling your team, use the ‘P.A.C.E.R.S.’ brand.

Prayer Fueling your team begins by asking God to fill your team with wisdom, strength, energy, and peace. You want your team to be filled with the living water.


People need affirmation. Your team needs affirmation. Remind each member of the value they bring to the team. Give them a reason to feel valued and cherished as a team-member.


Celebration is energizing and contagious. When teams celebrate, they experience accomplishment and pride. As a leader, give your team every excuse to experience camaraderie and community. Have your team celebrate any achievement, idea, or moment of victory.


Encouragement dramatically impacts mood and attitude. In the long run, this impacts overall performance. Perhaps this is why scripture tells us to encourage each other daily (Hebrews 3:13). Get into the habit of frequently encouraging your team-mates. You don’t have to be overwhelming but encourage them enough to keep them going. Create a log of when and how you encourage your team-mates.


According to Adrian Gostick, author of “The Orange Revolution”, “Great managers have realized recognition is the key to focusing people on goals and building group cohesion.” Recognition is a powerful accelerant that boosts team morale and performance. Employees are more inclined to stick around the organization that recognizes their work ethic, commitments, and achievements.


People not only want a place to belong, they want to feel cared for as well. Numerous studies reveal that employees are more invested into their jobs and organizations when they feel cared for by their managers and superiors. Take interest in the lives of your team-mates. Know some details about their family, situation, and struggles. This doesn’t mean you have to be their counselor. Just go above and beyond deadlines and departments. Be a leader that cares for your people as a shepherd looks after his sheep.

Remember your team's performance and distance entirely depends on its substance. Be sure to fuel your team properly for long-haul.

Lead well friends!

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